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GE 45236 Wireless LCD Portable Monitor and Camera

GE 45236 Wireless LCD Portable Monitor and Camera
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GE 45236 Wireless LCD Portable Monitor and Camera

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  • Monitor any area of your home, from anywhere in your home

  • Includes wireless color camera, 2 - 1/2-Inch LCD color monitor and two AC adapters

  • Camera features night vision technology for low or no light viewing and audio detection/notification

  • Transmits audio and video up to 200-Feet

  • For indoor or outdoor use


Discrete portable system for remote monitoring; small size & contemporary design; easy to set up & use; wi-fi internet network friendlywont interfere with home wireless networks; 200 ft of wireless audio & video transmission; night vision for low or no light viewing; view up to 2 cameras on a portable 2.5" lcd color monitor; audio detection & notificationalerts when sound is detected within a monitored area; includes 1 indoor/outdoor color wireless camera, 2.5 lcd color monitor, charging cradle & 2 ac adapters.

Product Details
Product Length:12.0 inches
Product Width:4.0 inches
Product Height:6.0 inches
Product Weight:0.94 pounds
Package Length:9.5 inches
Package Width:9.4 inches
Package Height:3.8 inches
Package Weight:2.25 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 24 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 24 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

38 of 38 found the following review helpful:

4Happy to have it  Sep 06, 2009 By Robyn Fletcher Finley "Robyn F."
This product can be great depending on your purpose for use. I bought this camera to try to catch the guy hopping my patio railing and peeping in my windows. It not only covers the area in front of my patio door but also the "blind spot" that I can not normally see. Even considering a few minor setbacks with it, I am still happy to have bought it.

1) It does work outside and is possible to keep out there without getting wet. I mounted mine underneath the patio roof so that it is sheltered.

2) The night vision does work well. It views everything in a black and white picture, but does still have a picture whereas most cameras would just show black.

3) The camera can and will record if and only if you hook it up to a VCR, DVD recorder, or some other recording device that works with AV cables. I keep mine hooked up to my DVD recorder so that I can hit record as soon as it starts to get dark out.

4) In regards to the power cable, there is a rechargeable battery available for those who would prefer to not have the cable to contend with. I am currently using the cable (painted to match the siding for disguise) until I can purchase the battery. So far the only place I have found that sells them is the GE website for $19.99. Since they are currently out of stock until 9/28/09, I am in the process of seeking out another source.

5) Since it does have a speaker system, it can alert you to noise in the area which I absolutely love. You can set the sensitivity settings to your preference. I have it turned all the way up which means that if a plane flies over or the AC that is about 10' away kicks on, the alarm goes off. However, giving my reasoning for having it, I would rather be safe than sorry. Plus you can set it so that the LCD screen is always on with this alert or put it in standby mode which means the screen only turns on if it detects a noise in the area.

6) The camera angle can be adjusted to help get you the perfect view.

7)The picture is decent quality if you set it up right. Even the manual will tell you that if the picture is not coming up clearly just adjust the cables and the monitor position so that it can get a clearer signal. I have also noticed that when I have the video stream running on my 20" TV it can be a lot easier to view some of the smaller shapes. The picture will not be like the great digital picture you get watching TV, but it still serves its purpose.

8) You can by a second camera and connect it to this same system. The LCD even has an option to scroll back and forth between the two.

1) To record you do need to hook it up to a recording device. Sadly it does not record on its own which does limit it's helpfulness a bit.

2) Sometimes when viewed on a larger TV, the screen can be a bit snowy. However it has never gotten nearly bad enough for me that I couldn't see what was going on outside.

3)The camera does need to be sheltered when used outside. It is like most electronics you by and does not take well to water.

4) Unless you by the optional battery pack, you do need to use the power cable which can be a great inconvenience. It means that you have to set up the camera within reach of an outlet. However, as mentioned before, you can go to the GE website and purchase one for $19.99. So far this is the only place I have found where the battery can be purchased though.

Overall I am very happy I bought it. Even its mere presence seems to have scared my peeper away (given I also did a few other things like hang curtains in all my windows etc. to help). It may not be perfect but it does a good job for the price.

11 of 12 found the following review helpful:

5Fantastic Baby Monitor  Mar 25, 2011 By TARA
We use this as our baby monitor and absolutely love it. The night vision camera makes it especially valuable to peek in at our snoozing little one without disturbing her. Night vision is black and white (standard for night vision) and the normal daytime has great vibrant color.
She's not standing yet, so we just have this perched on the top of her crib. We will need to mount to a wall or just set on a nearby dresser when she gets mobile.

*the portable rechargeable monitor is the best thing about this. I have dropped it numerous times (sleep-deprived clumsiness) and it still looks brand new.
* Plug and play. Literally just took it out of the box, plugged in and we were up and running.
* Alarm function- if the camera detects noise, you can program the monitor to beep and turn on the screen automatically. You can adjust the sensitivity - super sensitive will basically constantly be on. I can hear my baby breathing! Adjust sensitivity will range from turning on with rolling around to only if she's crying (which is perfect when I want to actually sleep at night).
* Really easy to set up. I actually take this with when we travel. It's small enough that I can throw it right in my bag and set it up at the Grandmas' houses.

* We have a four levels in our house with lots of concrete. When the camera is on the top level and we're on the bottom level- there is some static. Typically adjusting the antennas (one on the camera and one on the monitor) solves the problem. If there's still any static- it's usually in the sound, not the picture. So we just turn the sound down (or off) and simply keep an eye on the screen.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Great product for the money  Dec 05, 2010 By steven j boaz
I bought this so I would be able to monitor the outside of my recording studio while working inside. I used to miss people coming to the door and knocking, and I have had some people run off with some of my stuff. I have the monitor unit attached to a 20 inch tv, but still love to be able to take the hand held unit with me around the building. The reception could be a little stronger, but it serves my purpose very well. I shopped for a couple of months before finally picking up this unit, and I had never found anything like this for the price. If you want a professional unit, you will have to spend some bucks, so in my opinion, this thing is great for the money.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

4Product review for G/E 45236  Dec 09, 2011 By G.A. Rice
Product is excellent depending on what you are using it for. I use this for keeping an eye on my front door. Works great!!!! During the day it has a good color picture, and at night the night vision works well enough for me to recognize who it is. Connecting it to a monitor or TV works well also. I plan on purchasing an additional camera so that I can monitor both front and back door. I purchased this product with the idea that it would maybe work marginally at best, but it has exceeded my expectations.

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

4Nice camera and monitor  Aug 13, 2010 By SouthernAmazoner
I was reluctant to buy this because of some of the reviews, but did so anyway and am glad I did. I also purchased an additional camera, which gives me coverage of my entire yard and front entrance. My cameras are not mounted far away from the receiver/monitor, so I get great reception and a crystal clear picture. I like that I can take the monitor to the back of my house, however the reception does get a little fuzzy the further away from the cameras. During the day, the monitor displays color images; at night it's black & white. What's really nice is the microphone which can pick up conversations from across the street. This camera system is not for everyone of course, but it has served my needs well. I've had the system for about four months, and no problems at all.

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