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SVAT CV0204DVR Web-Ready DVR Security System with 4 High-Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Surveillance Cameras

SVAT CV0204DVR Web-Ready DVR Security System  with 4 High-Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Surveillance Cameras
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SVAT CV0204DVR Web-Ready DVR Security System with 4 High-Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Surveillance Cameras


Availability:   Out of stock
Out of stock

  • Easy setup and installation

  • Live monitoring through the internet from anywhere in the world

  • Includes 160GB hard drive

  • Includes 4 color night vision CCD cameras

  • Has built-in motion detection


The CV0204DVR is one of SVAT's feature packed digital video recorders. This complete system comes with four outdoor CCD cameras and can display all four (quad view) at the same time. Customize the recording and set a 24-hour recording schedule based on your preferences. You can choose to have the DVR record continuously during the day, then record only when motion is detected at night. And since each camera is equipped with night vision, you can view and record in total darkness! This DVR can record four different camera views (quad view) simultaneously and play it back at a smooth 30 frames per second. During playback you can even display each camera in full screen or view all four without losing quality. Finding your recorded footage is a breeze. Just search for the time and date it was recorded and the file will be displayed. Everything is stored on the DVR's internal 160GB hard drive allowing you weeks of recording. The DVR can be set to overwrite old footage when the drive does run out of space, allowing you continuous recording, year after year. The CV0204DVR also has a built-in internet server for remote viewing. Just plug the DVR into your internet connection and set it up with the included software. Then simply type in your IP address to monitor your home or business remotely, from any internet-enabled computer in the world! You can even play back recorded footage, save picture or movie files to your computer, and more, all through a web browser. This versatile surveillance system is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to monitor their property whether they're at home or away.

Product Details
Product Length:13.0 inches
Product Width:2.0 inches
Product Height:11.0 inches
Product Weight:6.6 pounds
Package Length:19.0 inches
Package Width:13.5 inches
Package Height:6.75 inches
Package Weight:20.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 44 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.0 ( 44 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

155 of 155 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent Value for the Price  Dec 30, 2007 By David Schwind "lieutenantdave"
I recently bought this system and spent yesterday installing and tinkering with it. I am quite happy with it! Here are my thoughts: Everything that came in the box was as expected, save that the DVR didn't have an S-video output as I had seen it with before (I believe I bought an "upgraded" one which didn't have the output). I was initially disappointed, but later found that the regular video-only composite output worked fine for me. That was my only disappointment with the system, and it has turned out to be a non-issue. One of the big things I was looking for was ensuring that each camera didn't require a local power source, as I didn't relish the idea of running receptacles to each camera location. This one has a single cable with an S-video connector that runs to each camera and carries both power AND video signal, so that worked out great. Installation was a breeze (despite spending a day in my attic) and the components worked together the first time I put the system together. Bringing the picture up through the web was also a snap as well - the instructions in the user guide are quite good for what you need to do. One of the biggest complaints about this system (and really all others in the sub-$1000 price range) that I had read before buying it is the lack of night vision clarity. I don't know what people are talking about with this particular system because I was impressed with the picture I got from the night vision from the cameras - out to about 20 feet away from the camera in a completely dark inside room and with some lights (like indirect lighting through windows) my outdoor cameras were able to have a complete field of view. As far as installation, I am not a techie, but installing it was very straightforward and made sense. It went together quickly and though it took me a day to install, the majority of that time was spent running cables through walls and through ceilings to have all of the cables hidden from view. Data recording is a snap, and changing menu items is easy as well. The only thing I wish I had known before I installed the cameras is their field of view, which I had expected to be zoomed out a bit more than they actually are. Had I known what I was going to see, I would have probably mounted the cameras back a little further from the areas they are recording in order to get a better overall view. My suggestion would be to lay the system out BEFORE installing it to ensure that you are happy with the view that you have before you start drilling holes and running cable. Overall, I am very happy with the system and I have already recommended this system to a family member who is planning on buying it as well. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

36 of 36 found the following review helpful:

3Good for the price  Jan 30, 2009 By jake789
My company bought this system to monitor an industrial robot. They work great and the picture quality is decent. It interfaced with our network easy enough. It is a great resource to be able to review the video history and even save screenshots and .avi videos to our pc's.

Only cons that kept this from getting 5 stars:
1. The camera mounts are terrible. They are poorly designed and have to be readjusted often. We fixed this by globbing silicone caulk around the base so they wouldn't move.

2. There is a well known hdd problem with these units. Apparently if you are recording and lose power, the hdd can get corrupted. This happened to us a few months after installing it. Luckily, all I had to do was use the reformat option in the menu and the hdd worked again even though we lost the data.

3. If you lose power you can lose all of your settings (camera setups and IP addresses) It can be a pain to fix but not that big of a deal.

4. When reviewing video history, the dvr makes chapters every 45-60mins. You pick one of these chapters and then have to ffw to the part you want to see. The ffw can be pretty slow and it takes awhile to get towards the end of the chapter.

Other than listed above we have been very happy with this system. At six hundred bucks you just can't beat it. We just ordered another and I'm sure it won't be the last.

22 of 23 found the following review helpful:

5Web Ready Security Camera System and DVR  Mar 25, 2008 By D. Schaefer
SVAT CV0204DVR Web Ready DVR Security System w/4 High Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Surveillance Cameras I recently purchased this item after going through the past couple of years with some moderate vandilism and criminal mischief around our house (ie. taking our decorative hay bails and lining them up across the road, stealing our decorative garden light, and breaking into our backyard to let our dogs out ultimately with one getting struck by a vehicle.) Anyway, these events led me on the hunt for a way to secure the place my family lives. I researched many types of camera systems and even consulted some experts and with my security background I came to the conclusion I need something simple and easy to install. When I came across this product, I knew I found what I was looking for. Well priced, good coverage, connects to the tv in the living room or any tv in the house for that matter, and I can see it from anywhere in the world! One point here, if you work for the government or somewhere with major firewalls, don't plan on being able to access this system from their network, I already tried and it doesn't work. Anyway, the installation was easy, I did spend most of the day in the attic running cables, but it was worth it. As far as the night vision goes, it works fine for me, although it's so windy here I do have to keep the lenses clean of the dust that blows around. The pictures day and night are perfect for my needs and it's in full color during the day. I did have some trouble with my internet service provider at first when I was attempting to access the system over the internet. But, a couple of phone calls to the SVAT support desk and I was up and running without any problems except the whole government computer issue. I now have full coverage around the house and my worries are minimized.

30 of 33 found the following review helpful:

5Exceeded my expectations  Feb 20, 2008 By Uwood2
We recently purchased and installed the SVAT web ready DVR system at our place of business after being hit by thieves and vandals. The night vision cameras were unbelievably bright in a dimly lit area. Some of the features I like about this unit is of course the night vision cameras, the ability to view the cameras over the internet, the ability to record continuously or as motion sensors.
This unit was well worth the money. We have not been burglarized or vandalized since installing these. The presence is an excellent deterent. HOWEVER, If they come back -- We are ready!

14 of 14 found the following review helpful:

4SVAT CV0204DVR Web Ready DVR Security System  Jun 07, 2008 By Mim0sitas
I recently bought this system it arrived on time and well packed. This being my first system that was not so complicated to set up. I really liked the power supply / cable connection set up SVAT has with this model. I get only B & W picture on my LCD TV not a big issue maybe needs adjustments and color off my computer.Day time camera pictures are very good and clear to 50 ft Night 25 ft and clear maybe more with outside lights. The best thing is to check the operation of the system prior to running the cables.Do a dry run with the cameras and check your angles set up was quick and simple after that.Up and running a week without any issues well worth the price so far. If not this model I recommend a security video system no matter what the perp says the tapes don't lie busted is busted Better security software & Remote would be a nice upgrade all in all I'm pleased

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